Bill, Becca and Kendyl with quilt Green sanctuary logo

Green Sanctuary Quilt
Celebrating Green Sanctuary Status
2009 First Unitarian Society Minneapolis   (FUS)
commissioned by Rev. Bill Weir for Rev Kendyl Gibbons
Quilter Elizabeth Brackett May 30, 2010

The quilt, started in June 2009, is a new banner
for FUS with chalice and a candle to spread the
light and some aspects of the green sanctuary logo.

Links to pictures taken during
the making of the quilt below.
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chaliceq746 Drawing of idea for quilt
chaliceq747 Modified drawing with rays
chaliceq748 With more rays

At FUS chalice quilt mockup.
Note that stage is set up for choir as shown
in first picture.  Other mockups are cropped.
Decide not to use rays.

chaliceq883 Roots on carving in FUS entry
chaliceq884 Roots on carving in FUS entry
chaliceq888 Materials on workspace
chaliceq889 More detailed drawing
chaliceq890 More detailed drawing
chaliceq891 Some parts attached
chaliceq892 Pondering candle position
chaliceq894 Pondering candle position
chaliceq895 Pondering candle position
chaliceq896 Becca working on quilt
chaliceq897 Becca working on quilt
chaliceq898 Backside of the back
chaliceq899 Assembling quilt with backing and padding
chaliceq900 Quilt pinned together

Finished quilt 5/30/2010 with Bill, Becca and Kendyl
chaliceq990 With Bill and Becca
chaliceq991 With Bill and Becca
chaliceq992 Back of quilt Note label quoted above.
chaliceq993 With Kendyl
chaliceq994 With Bill,Kendyl and Becca
High resolution (1Mbyte) picture of final quilt