Becca's Cloth Inventory

Column 1-3 update code:


Note that things get added and removed from boxes more often than this list gets updated...
Some entries have Fred's 2 character date code -- year and month "YM"

"+YM" in col 1 means in this box as of that date  
"-YM" means not in this box as of that date       

"LG" means see also box F1 with large pieces
"g-asi" taken to asi 8/6/16
bk_ = suitable for backing

Plastic boxes numbered "F1" etc. Grouped by box size  started 2/21/09

missing stuff????
+t1  retreat to the woods screen prints project
      Binding +
     pink blanket binding
     white blanket binding

---- Medium size boxes Most 15 Qt "15Q" (16 x 11") a few 12Q and close F1-F30 except ***
F1,19,20 (large)
22,24 (bags) 27,29 (Cardboard boxes) 28 (small plastic box)
F2-F12 generally organized by color

F02-F12 second floor

F01__ 30Q Large 6" high box kept in bedroom (? 17" x 23")
+ra  Summer clothes

F02__ 15Q Black -- gray

F03__ 15Q White and Beige

F04__ 15Q Browns
+t5  peacock fabric

F06__ 15Q Red Violet

F07__ 15Q Purple
+ra  pink and orange dots

F07__ 15Q quilting cloth: (til ra_ was F15)
+s6  quilt labels
+q3  Xmas tree skirt
+q3  red teddy bears with Xmas lights
+q3  teddy bears on green
+q3  green paisley on red
+q3  coke bottles, red
+q3  hand printed red leaves on white (retreat to the woods)
+q3  Xmas bears on white
+q3  Xmas scenes, blue border
+q3  skating bears on red
-q3  funky angels on black
+q3  plain green
+q3  green with gold highlights
+q3  green batik stripes
-q3  plain white
-q3  halloween costume kids

F08__ 15Q True Blue

F09__ 15Q Greenish blue

F10__ 15Q Yellow
+t1  garden gate project with embroidery
+t1  striped bag with scrapes from yellow mystery quilt
+t1  yellow scrap-blocks from mystery quilt

Formerly F10
+ra  Nine patch blocks 9.5"
+ra  Autumn Colors
+ra  yellow flowered tiles
+ra  Snails trail block
+ra  Greek Spiral
+ra  White and beige scraps
+ra  Pink and yellow daffodils used in Lasseter quilt
+ra  "small pieces" quilt with denim for lattice
+ra  random strips
+ra  16 patch purple blocks

F11__ 15Q True Green / some brown

F12__ 15Q Orange
     large piece of yellow blender

F13__ 15Q Blue Scraps (only +s9 )
+u3  blue scraps
+t4  blue strips
-s9  Light weight cotton purple
-s9  Xmas plaid red, green gold
-s9  Linen like pale tan abt 1 yd
-??  Cloth and Linen apron dress from Leif's wedding
-??  light blue synthetic stars velveteen,
-??  Guatemalan Purple stripe

F14__ Yellow-green
+sb  five islands curtain fabric
+t5  yellow green fern

F15__ project box
log cabin blocks
+t8 assorted purple and blue blocks 6" to 10"
+t8 Western fabrics: Boots, wagon wheels, hoofprints, cowboy on horse scraps,
+t8 stars on black, cream plain, Indian women. petroglyps small 6"
+t8 panels, Eagle in forest,fish  on white background, horses, Rodeo beige on Blue
+t8 Tulip block kit

F16__ 15Q Project box
-    Rainbow cotton strips
+rc  Scraps from Split Rock coat
-    Green heavy cotton 4 yd
+rc  japanese quilt scraps
+rc  spoon flower bark print
+rc  synthetic embroidered flower border
+rc  turquoise knitted shawl
+rc  mug rugs

F17__ 15Q Bluish green

F18__ 14Q scraps
as of 7/16/14 scraps sorted by color
+sa  green
+sa  blue-green
+sa  pink
+sa  pot holder project (heat resitant) not finished
+sa  1.5" strips blue and yellow checkerboard
+t8  2.5" strips

F19__ 44Q Large 9" high box Cloth for projects  (17" x 23")
+sb  small brown Bolivian bag
+sb  interfacing dark and light
+sb  assorted flannel scraps
+sb  tropical fish rectangles
+sb  tropical fish on white
+sb  unfinished flannel nighty
+sb  Bold over Batiks prayer rugs
+sb  largely completed silk blouse
+sb  2017 quilt show bag
+sc  assorted non cotton scraps - some from NPB
+sc  big blue flannel sheet
-sb  upholstery cloth blue and green cirlces
-q8  Batik yellow and Green from FUS childrens quilt
-o8  scraps for crazy quilt  g-asi
-08  some stiff quilt padding
-sb  red denim type cotton
-sb  batik windows panels
-sc  Red Bolivian bag

F20__ 60Q Large 12" high box , cloth and Quilt Projects:  (17" x 23")
-s5  kaleidescope kit proj
-s5  yellow bed spread (to blanket box?)
-s5  Linen Dish towels
+s5  Linen gray and white striped
+s5  Linen bright green 2.5 yd
-s5  synthetic green black and red
-s5  Binney's
-s5  template for Chester tile quilt
+s5  tulle
+s5  pink 100% linen
+s5  pink linen dress
+x5  pink scraps
-s5  madras scrap fabric
-o8  a season in time pattern raw edge applique
-s5  fall colors
+s5  part of white sheet
+s5  white cotton duck
-s5  Political T-shirt
-s5  FUS Human rights-also blocks wrapped in Upstairs on metal shelves
+s5  seerucker stripe
+s5  Guat. cloth purple stripe
+s5  wava banner
+s5  purple bucle wool with lining fabric
+t1  blue green cordoroy
+s5  Synthetic green scraps
+s5  Small quilt from Vivian green squares
+u2  baby corduroy green birds, blue piggies, light and dark blue circles

F21__ 12Q (odd size: 16"x12) but on new shelf 12//16
+t7  for aob face wall hanging brown and beige
+t7  coral garden, police badge
+u3  blue & white for andrew's quilt

F22__ (rect. see thru zipper bag 13"x14"x6"
+t7 black with white window pane (plaid) 5.33 yds (44" wide)
+t7 Guatemala black double-ikat
+t7 long skinny quilt trimings for spiral construct clothing

F23__ 15Q standard size project box,
+t7  heart strings leftovers for pot holders
+t7  pastel picque
+t7  scrap triangles
+t7  snow geese kit from 2016 MNQ holiday brunch
+t7  flying geese fall colors,
+t7  purple scraps with some 4 patch blocks (in plastic zipper bag)
+ta  purple pin wheel block
+ta chalice quilt leftovers

F24__ (rect. see thru zipper bag 12"x12"x7" ) (not located 6/15/16)

F25__ 12Q
+t5  Los Doce project, carpet warp: 800 Yds Blue, 800 yds beige,
+t5  ( cotton thread / cord )
+t5  backstrap weaving material
+t5  backstrap loom
+t5  embroidery floss,

F26__ 12Q (12 qt) novelty prints

+s6  winter scene children skating
+s6  panda bears
+s6  jig saw fish
+s6  purple circus animals
+s6  purple and orange tropical fish
+s6  children of all nations - small amount
+s6  school collage
+s6  emergency vehicles fire trucks
+s6  sheet music
+s6  musical instruments
+s6  red w/ childrens's trucks
+s6  red w/ sw cactus
+s6  wild animal incl orcas panel - mostly blues
+s6  large panel white yellow flower
+s6  long piece blue on white pastoral french toile
+s6  red dinosaurs
+s6  large floral and roses - pieces
+s6  red travel words
+s6  loon pillow panel
+t8  apples in squares, blue bkgd
+s6  horses in snow
+s6  19th century travel, compass binoculars
+s6  kids cloth:  African animals scrap green bakgrnd
+s6  national monuments
+s6  egyptian images

F27__ (banker box)
+u6  flannel multiple colors
+u6  crewel pattern some on white, some gold
+u6  orange and green print cotton lawn
+u6  ribbing fabric red and aqua
+u6  spoonflower sample box various fabrics
+u6  green stripe twill

F28__ shoe box size plastic q6e_
     MN theme
     eco quilt scraps

F29__ cardboard box striped fabric project (on upstairs shelf)
+r5  "All Squared Up"

F30__ 15Q misc
+s9  Denim and camo scraps
+u2  embroidery floss
+t7  maroon/purple fake denim cotton
-s9  blue raft quilt proj
-s9  Quilt as you go w/ scraps

---- Other containers ---- ***

AB7__ large blue tub
     yarn and knitting

AB6__ large blue tub
     sewing - not quilts
     sewing patterns

BOLIV__ Giant Suitcase from Bolivia
     Hand woven cloth from South America
     double ikat cotton yardage
     blue herringbone wool - and lining
     yellow tied quilt
     black ikat shawl
     blue road to Calif quilt
     yellow trip around the world quilt
     kaleidoback quilt 2016 non judged
     kaleidoscope quilt 2016 non judged

PINK__ zippered case - blocks
+t4  colored 15" blocks: 5 purple 1 brown 1 blue 8 green 2 pink 3 red
+t4  9 random stripe blocks 12"

-----  BS (Bag Storage) ----- ***

About Bag Storage
The BS (Bag Storage) system initiated 6/6/2010.  "Bags" are used to store
project materials, projects, mostly cloth to start.  Most bags are
fabric or plastic but could be paper - they generally are bags with handles
since the BS# is attached to the handle.  Initially on a bright pink
paper label stapled around the handle. Extra labels (total of 22) are in
envelope on buletin board in hall.

BS01__ Scrap booking, albums

BS02__ Pan pipes and zapatista doll

BS04__ Political T-shirt quilt

BS05__ Velour, scraps, various colors

BS06__ Scrap booking, albums, chiapas

BS07__ White crinkle cloth, synthetic ribbing, white lace(~18x80"),
     dark interfacing (iron on), several colors of tulle

BS08__ black and orange quilt in progress (2009?)

CARPET__  rectangular sewing machine box
-t8  red and white stripe flag quilt- complete and own bag
+t1  2019 challenge packet vest
+t8  patchwork jacket project

-t8  AOB t-shirts for quilt- in box on shelf

Bag NCx__
     Xmas cloth
     Purple moire
     Kona cloth brick red
     brn and purp sm flowers misc Dec 2013 Harrison yd sale

SB__ Siberian Husky box 15" x 13" 4.5" deep.  light blue and white
     assorted lace edging
     cut pieces for Nat's quilt
     red chicken fabric
edges 21" x 16.5
26 x 28

AOB__ box for current projects to protect from cat...

for becca 11/28/14:

Bookcase__ in upstairs hall (reorganized 6/15/16 to have F?? to F??
       tho they only fit on left; some other things still here)

     Quinnie's lone star quilt
     bag with wool from coat project
     scrapbooking tool bag
     brown pillow case with
     pink baby quilt - given to Dr Sullivan's baby
     two small quilt auction quilts
     green upholstery striped fabric
     state quilts from prairie Star District which include MO, NE, WI, IA, MN, ND, SD

Dark__ soft briefcase / bag__ synthetic broad cloth

XB17__ Nat's shirts quilt project

XB02__ 18Q Project box
+s6  Elvis Presley army fabric
+s6  African orange cloth from Durham, NC big piece (see also...)
+s6  Parrot fabric
+s6  flowers in little panels
+s6  Thomas tank engine synthetic
+s6  1.5 yd blue real denim
+s6  red sequin lace

Y01__ Yellow suitcase 15" x 24" bk_
+t4  gold ostrich feathers on black 2 yds cc         811
+t4  blue green chintz abt 1 yd                      814
-t4  abstract magenta and blue 100% cotton 3 yds bk_ 816
     (pink and navy blue - almost plaid)
-t4  pink and blue stars , large print kids toys
+t4  various cloth for Diane Rouse quilt, post cards and birds, small scale toile, brown stripes with pale roses
-t4  yellow and purple  3.5 yds  bk_
-t4  turquoise w/ darker flowers 3 yds bk_
-t4  purple with red iris 1 yd
-t4  maroon w/ pink and blue flowers 2 yds bk_
+t4  2 handle bag from Ghana
+t4  Peace wall hanging
+t4  light blue denim .5 yd
+t4  suspected to be synthetic 8" squares various colors
+t4  white on beige flowered bk_almost 3 yd
+t4  purple velour
+t4  assorted pieces white flannel
+t4  Cotton Purple moire
+t4  8 yds black with kimono ribbon motif bk_
+t4  blue background stripe with yellow roses
+t4  2 yds white flannel not washed

Y02__ Yellow suitcase 19" x 28"_
+u4  quilt batting

MUDD__ NOT CLOTH Blue "Mudd" backpack - winter stuff
     long underwear
     stocking caps
     2 sweat shirts

BBAG__ Blue Health Partners bag - T-shirts
      Mark Ritchie
      South CC (Xcountry)
      La Semana green
      Auydante " blk
      Andrew   " "
      Unity Summer
      Proj Success
      Inca Kola
      SILC Spanish Immersion

+qc__   green big zipper pouch for color quilt

DR1__ (top dresser drawer)

+u2   black ribbing
+u2   randome finished blocks
+t9   2020 challenge kit
+t9   Bonnie Hunter twosies
+t8   small pieces quilttop
-     syncopated rhythm quilt complete 2018 moved to individual bag
+t8   green bag of non cotton fabric - black silky, red, and metallic
+t8   cotton cording
+t8   FUS Youth pillow fabrics
+t8   Silhouette project
+t8   scrapbag  with yellow flowers in Jungle
+t8   Red stripe bag with red and white 5" patch  charm pack
+t8   spoonflower - hacienda, and lattice print
+t8   macaw panels - to novelty
+t8   kimono scraps - two small bags
+t8   raw silk panel from rose allen
+t8   piece of gold linen
+t8   scrap with guatemala stripe

DR2__ drawer (2nd down)
+u2   placemat project
+t8   Morris fabric old fashioned prints. rust,Blue with gold, geys, crewel
+t8   1830's reproduction
-t8   Becca's hand dyed fabric from MNQ show 2016 orange red yellow
+t8   African cloth from Durham (some as iron on triangles )
-t8   hawaian wine quilt - to Dr 4
+t8   shibori indego dyed fabric (white plastic bag)
+t8   scraps from star quilt - Pat St Germaine, pinks
+t8   layer cake 10" benneton bright
+t8   Peru applique
+t8   dark scraps  (plastic container)
+t8   light scraps  (plastic container)
+t8   bright scraps  (plastic container)
+t8   scrap squares various sizes
+t8   antique double 9 patch
+t8   scraps green and blue form syncopated ribbons
+t8   Flying geese 2x4 blocks

DR3__ drawer (3rd drawer down)
+t8   Blue and white Toile print several yards
-sb   five island seat cushion fabric from Joann
+t8   rafts on Gee's Bend quilt top
+t8   purple and pink for Carol Watson quilt,turquoise splash pattern, elephant
-sb   ocean print quilt top - complete 2019
+t8   fabrics from chiapas
+t8   mayan shawl blue and purple
+t8   Human Rights quilt blocks
+t8   scraps from basket quilt and bright flowers

DR4__ bottom drawer
+u4   pink linen huipil project
+t8   Strips and strata
+t8   MN Eco zone quilt - 2016 challenge quilt (wrapped in brown fish cloth)
+t8   halloween hanging
+t8   Ruby's Rose challenge quilt
+t8   bright flower prints in red and clear case
+t8   Hawaiian Wine quilt
+t8   pink and green star quilt (muted binney colors) Angle Antics
+t8   Xmas advent hanging
+t8   1 yard navajo stripe
+t8   3 yds purple brown stipe
+sb   wood handles for purses
+sb   gone to Shelley Parks for Oct 2018 marketing workshop: red and white checked quilt from auction

MAC box__
+sb   heart strings

UAbag__ Red Under Armour bag
+sb felt

Note: I think "XBn" refers to an attempt to label ("XB n" where n is
a number), inventory and organize mostly cardboard boxes of stuff
(mostly not quilts) some time ago. The inventory may be only on paper
somewhere... I could not find it in computer Ivan 12/19/15

BSC__ Black suitcase 3//18
+sb white flannel for design wall
+sb brown and white 4" half square triangle blocks
+sb orange and brown autumn leaf scraps
+sb orange to  brown ombre stripe
+sb narrow cotton batting strips
+sb orange brown madras stripe skirt
    grey - see gray
+sb grayish green decorator cloth stripe
+sb corduroy scraps form clothing, various colors
+sb tactile fabrics for baby quilt

GSC__ Gray Suitcase (samsonite)
+u4 batting with prequilted back

SC2018__  red bag from Saint Cloud 2018
+sb fabric for patriotic andrew quilt

WHMKT__ White HOuse / Black Market bag (behind tbl by box spring t1_)
+t1 small pieces of batting

BOX14YEL__ plastic, flat 14" x 14" x 3" (kept in aob narrow bookcase)
+t4 box of chocolate project

BOX14CLR__ plastic, flat 14" x 14"
+t4 strawberry quilt

BOX14ORG__ plastic, flat 14" x 14"
+t4 Xmas blocks

BOX14RED__ plastic, flat 14" x 14"
+t4 bright scraps from patchwork jacket
+t4 10" x 10" benartix samples

MNQ2019__ (blue show bag "rochester" - one clear side
t7+ blurred lines quilt project
t7+ pink liberty fabric

+t8  Heart strings scaps for potholders
+t8  Marimeko animal wall hanging
+t8  Rust clam shell pattern
+t8  Green stripe
+t8  Grey marimeko old dress
+t8  Black and red skirt
+t8  yellow corduroy
+t8  green stripe
+t8  green silk shirt

Top Shelf__
Hearthside muslin quilt backing 108" wide
felt in a red bag
scraps of batting
fusible batting
farmers star project/mariners compass

COpnk__ pink Creative options project box
+u5  bright colors - mostly pink

COorg__ orange Creative options project box
see _Qlist

COyel__ yellow Creative options project box
see _Qlist

COclr__ clear  Creative options project box
see _Qlist

PZC__   Pink Zipper case
+u5  20 blocks for color quilt
+u5  11 blocks "random stripe"
+u5  cardboard box
+u5  striped fabric
+u5  pattern "All Squared Up"

List of Becca's quilts _Qlist in various states of completion *** list started 5/14/20 during Covid-19 so bcv=before this date
x after date means there is a picture, see ** ~/html/password/ref/1pix-0start.txt
b after date means there is a picture in Becca's web page

List of files that will help update this section see 1pix c3* section:
Quilt related images in ** ~/1html/password/ref/1pix-0start.txt

tion                                          inches
date    quilt-name           state    maker   dimensions storage-location  description/notes
2019    Rafts on Gees Bend   TBQ      ECB     84x60      DR3
~2000   UN Human Rights      Blocks   ECB+FUS            DR3               Started for 50th anniversary of Universal Declaration of... (1948)
2019    My Jean Jacket       TBQ      ECB     queen      DR3
2020    Rcarr western        TBQ      ECB     49x56                       106"x42" purple and brown stripe fabric for back(?)
2020    Box of Chocolate     -->      ECB                COyel            pattern and fabric
bcv     Strawberries         -->              60x75      COclr            2 sections, almost complete top (quilt separately?)
bcv     Xmas theme                    ECB                COorg            from MNQ Xmas party 10 - 12" blocks
bcv     Blurred lines        -->      ECB                Blue MNQ bag     half way to completion in
bcv     For Andrew                    ECB                red MNQ bag      star blocks done
bcv     Red Dinosaur for kid TBQ                         stackable storage bin  in 2 ppieces
bcv     2020 MNq challenge                               stackable storage bin
bcv     Lone Star 2 baby     TBQ              41x41      clear plastic garment bag
2019    Chandra Sampler      TBQ              45x45      clear plastic garment bag leftovers from Chandra Q TBQ             45x45
2019    Many more fish in the sea TBQ         38x38      clear plastic garment bag
bcv     Blue strippy         TBQ              69.5x87    clear plastic garment bag
        Ohio Star                                        2 cardboard boxes
        Compass quilt        nr done                                     Top Shelf

Completed quilts
2019    QFO green            Done                                        QFO= quilting for others, half finished, ecb finnished
2019    Challenge Vest       Done                                        2019 MNQ show
2019    Flag Quilt           Done                                        2019 MNQ show
2019    Syncopated Rhythm    Done             full                       2019 MNQ show
2018?   Hawaiian Whine       Done             full                         bottom drawer
2018?   Lone Star 1 baby     Done             41x41      given to Nadina, Vivian's friend
2018    Lassegaard           Done             full                           FUS auction
2018    Green baskets        Done             full                       2018 MNQ show
2018    Ruby's Rose          Done                                        2018 MNQ show Challenge
2018    Red and white X      Done                       sent to project 70,273 ("mentally defective people" killed by Nazi's) most blocks from others
2017    Mystery              Done             full                       2017 MNQ show given to Binney Brackett
2016    Beach                Done                                        gift to Chris Miller on ECB retirement
2016    MN State map quilt   Done                                        2016 MNQ show Challenge eco folding map
2015  b Blue nine patch      Done                                        2015 MNQ show scrap challenge   based on historic photo for Ginny Beyer the scrap look
2015  b Haruki-san           Done             full                       2015 MNQ show interlocking hexagons
2015  b Chandra Wedding      Done             full
2015?   Sail boat (block)    Done (almost     45x45      quilt as you go mixed colors
yellow trip around the world *u ~/1pix/4/Scan_Pic0112.jpg
w va purple
bert hennison block

2012  b Missing Children     Done             full       raffled EJB won it
2011  b Tsunami Quilt        Done             full       sent to survivors for boy
2011  x Ohio Star            DONE                     ~/1pix/1/Quilting%20Photos/Big%20Red%20Ohio%20Star.JPG                                  to Anne Brackett
2011  x Bearpaw              Done   *u ~/1pix/S7301185.JPG  bearpaw      Started in 1970s in balcony at FUS
2010  b Quarry               Done                                        2010 MNQ show Challenge honorable mention ribbon
2010  b Haiti Relief         Done
2010  b Chalice              DONE                       to FUS for podium
2009  x T-shirt              DONE             full                  quilt as you go
2007  x Quilt for Dina's babyDone
2007  x Bunkhouse quilt      Done                           Missing Children auction
2005  b Pink quilt           Done                                   baby quilt for woman doctor from India, West clinic
2000?   Karen Medin goodbye  Done
2000  x Nine patch           Done             full 4/Scan_Pic0123.jpg Wanda McCaa and_Kathryn Taylor quilting a Quilt to be donated - started at Retreat to the Woods  2000
1998  x Small  quilt         Done                        given to MNQ
1988  x Dick Hanson AIDS     Done                        given to AIDS quilt
1986  x Forty Winks          Done
1984  x Kites over Delhi     Done             full       given to Chandra 4/Scan_Pic0148.jpg Chandra Brackett with her  Roman Madras Stripe Quilt April 1983
1985? X Dbl wedding ring     Done  2/ECB+DbleWeddingRingQuilt.jpg        auction quilt for Kortuem/Nord
1984    Quinnie Diamonds     Done             full                       based on Sue Stein workshop for QHO 50th
1981    Green yellow Baby    Done                        to Debbie Schreiber(sp? FLA?)   with Seminole piecing
1980?   Octopus's garden     Done             full       for Rebecca Brackett
1979? x Broken Nine Patch    Done             full       for Margaret Bailey >>> *u ~/1pix/4/Scan_Pic0147.jpg Becca Brackett and quilt Scrapaholic for Margaret 1991
"state" = State of completion, TBQ=ready to be quilted/top done, blocks=collection
of blocks

Lost__ /in use /moved / ???: *** missing

silhoutte class 6//16

See also F22 images with descriptions

     cream on white 2yds
     white on muslin 1 yd
     purple/beige plaid 1.5 yds
     green w/ red and yellow leaves 1.33 yds
     blue/ purple batik 1.25 yds
     blue/gray w/black mini print 1.66 yds
     light blue solid .75 yd, solid dark blue green 1.5 yds,  dutch blue solid 2.5yds .5yd piece

-s3  4.5" 4-patches
-s3  fall colors
-s3  Creatures of the Wild (generally blue)
-t5  brown oak leaves

+s3  Indian women
     puzzle block,
     horse patterns
???  brown with pink paisley cc 11 feet              813 <- picture of this cloth
???  Xmas
+q3  peach solid cotton 2 yds extra wide

     Tiny blue triangles
-??  Juvenile print scraps
-??  Tracing for human right block (see more elsewhere)
-    mickey mouse
-    giraffes and rhino - light blue
-    stuffed animal patterns - white background
     machine pieced waterfall, many colors
from drawer listing 6//18

+qc   heart strings blocks
+qc   fall scraps and partial blocks
+qc   green woodland flowers 1 yd + scraps
+qc   2016 mystery quilt  - sent to  Binney
+qc   one for the money quilt kit
+qc   quarry quilt scraps
+qc   strips and strata
+s5   pink linen huipil project
+1r   In plastic case: red and white xmas ornament materials,beads,shiny ,big packet 4" tropical fish

      scraps from Chris's quilt
      pink flames on black
      multi color fans on black

 Formerly in F01
-q3  white cotton
-q3  multi color tie dye
-q3  light blue , ...
-q3  pink purple marble
-q3   baby fleece quilt backing - 3 pieces
+q4  4 yds turquoise japanese fabric
+r3  white on beige print $5.50/yd
-lb  green w/ black crackle cc 3.4 yds         812
-lb  purple and green flower stripe cc 4 yds   815
-lb  straw colored hopsacking            (in bottom drawer of ecb bureau)
-lb  tan camouflage twill about 60" by 119"
+q3  peace emboidery hanging

sbx1__ New Balance shoebox
       binding, ribbon

rb1__  Revlon box
       zippers , elastic

BLOG *** __ ///////////////////////////////////////////

u5d__ start List of Becca's quilts _Qlist in various states of completion c3* list started 5/14/20 during Covid-19 so bcv=before this date
Deleted old list start:List of Becca's quilts  under construction

t4g__ clean up format of this file a bit

            before t4   t4g
cview("^ \+","gx") 78     0
cview("^ \-","gx") 46     0
cview("^\+","gx") 118   203
cview("^\-","gx")  13    72

s1a__ Replace shelf brackets in sw corner of quilt room with
10 - 12" steel, add 2 shelves:
top: misc. bags etc in sideways (so you can see) full shelf card board box
  -- 23 25
XB02 21 26
  15 17 30
  14 16 18
   3  5  7
   2  4  6
   9 11 13
   8 10 12

rag__ Reorganize shelves in quilt room Boxes 2-17, 21, 26, 30
Ponder improving shelves (abit stronger, wider and deeper
Propose 12" deep brackets, 14" deep by 32" long shelves
(Most brackets currently 10+ long including computer room)
swap contents of boxes (so less used project boxes are on bottom of 3 on shelf)
      4 <-> 14
      7 <-> 15
     10 <-> 17