Missing Children MN Quilts

Missing Children Minnesota has had a Mystery Dinner fundraising event since 2000.
Since 2011 I've been making quilts for the associated auction.

MCM raffle Quilt 2012

  Missing Children Minnesota raffle Quilt 2012.
  July 13, 2012

  Note the wind was not cooperating to take a
  picture of this large (queen size bed) quilt
  which is 85" by 109", so it does not appear
  rectangular but it is :)
  I made this quilt based on the Arcadia
  pattern of Mountainpeak Creations.
  Raffle drawing will be in November 4, 2012.

  Click on image to see bigger image.

  Enlargement of lower left corner

Quilts I made for Missing Children MN auction on October 29, 2011

Auction details, see MCM Blog

Quilts made by Becca, some images from before completion, click on images to enlarge

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    Big Ohio Star Flannel     Big Red Ohio Star Flannel     SunFlower - Moon Flower

alt alt alt
    Ozark Beauty                      Maple Leaf                       Fall puzzler

alt alt alt
    Not Amish bars                    Pink                  Through the bunkhouse window