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Misc Blog including quilt projects

                                                                             Back to top of page Dec 2017 __ The UN Budget- How does it compare? . I researched and wrote this comparison UN budget vs my state Dec 2017 The UN budget is small in comparison. May 2017 __ New quilt room . This image was taken as I rush to get some quilts ready for the MN Quilt show in Dultuh in early June: New quilt room 2017, Feb __ Old pix of Lincoln Playground I've been meeting about Lincoln School Playground Re-imagining Today we came across some pictures: Lincoln Playground equipment after the fire Nov 2007 Lincoln Playground - east half Lincoln Playground - west half Lincoln School Playground Re-imagining - FB 2015, November __ I made a baby quilt for Gina's grand daughter made out of the scraps from "Haruki San". 2015, September__ My niece Chandra Brackett-Rozinsky married Adam Ivy. I made a wedding quilt for them but only the top was done for the wedding. At the reception I gathered signatures of the guests on pieces of cloth which will be appliqued on the back after it is quilted. 2015, June__ I sent two quilts to the MN Quilters show. My entry in the scrap quilt challenge was Blue Nine Patch which I donated to the MN Quilters and the displayed it at the Textile center in October!. The other quilt is Haruki San dedicate to the character in _Dreaming Spies_ by Laurie R. King in her Mary Russell series. The First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis (FUSM) where we are members has a new logo so I made a banner of it: FUSM Logo Banner to used at the annual UU General Assembly that includes a parade of congregations and their banners. 2014, January__ Article about trip I made to Guatemala pdf 2011-2013__ Missing Children MN Quilts 2011, October__ Lincoln Garden pix ECB with morning glories 2 3 ECB w/ feathery grasses FHO and garden 2011, September__ we went on an alumni trip with Carleton College to Baraboo Wi. The trip focused on sites of geologic and natural importance. Becca and Fred at Aldo Leopold Center Becca and Fred overlooking Devils Lake 2011, July__ Fred with help from Becca and friends built new arch for roses at see Lincoln Garden Arch 2011, June__ Service trip to Pinon Az 2011, June__ Get Rover trike 2011, April__ Log Cabin Boys quilt Becca made for Japanese Quilts for Quake Survivors 2010, Labor Day weekend__ We spent learning about wild rice. See Wild ricing pictures 2010, June__ completed Block and Tackle Quilt (opens in new tab) for the Quilting in the Quarry Challenge MN Quilters 2010 Convention in St Cloud, MN. 2010, May__ Completed the project, started June 2009 to make a Chalice Quilt banner for Kendyl Gibbons, minister of First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis (FUSM) at the time. See: Making the Green Chalice Quilt (opens in new tab) 2010, February__ Quilt for Haiti Fundraiser with description 2009, August__ Andrew 2005?__ I helped make the HealthPartners Quilt. My square is where the blue lines come together. 2005, Fall__ Andrew 2005, April__ Pardner Party to celebrate my 25 years with HealthPartners 2005__ Fred Becca and Andrew in memorable T-shirts Fred's shirt says: "Slavery is the legal fiction that a Person is Property. Corporate Personhood is the legal fiction that Property is a Person.: Becca's shirt is an image of the dance hall at Mesaba Coop Park on MN Iron Range 2008, November__ Pink baby quilt Becca made for a coworker. ( Note that the dates are wrong ) Front full Back Square 0 Square 5 Square 1 Square 6 Square 2 Square 7 Square 3 Square 8 Square 4 Pink Square 1997__ "Mask" artwork made by Andrew at about age 8 at Emerson School in Minneapolis 1987, approximately__ Forty Winks Forty Winks with back showing 1985__ Magic hat quilt from MN Quilters small quilt auction 1985 (?) Note: Quilt is too yellow due to lighting on a rainy day and I dont know how to correct it. 1970 And still not done__ Started from a kit in the 1970's when hand quilting is done, my son Andrew gets it: Bear Paw back of Bear Paw


                                                                             Back to top of page The Quilt Index is a central resource with a wide variety of sources and information on quilts, quiltmakers and quiltmaking. Becca's quilting cloth collection (part) Picture List (inventory) Fred's link page ( ) Carleton friends John and Terry Hart Africa Project Water color of Five Islands Maine by Anne Brackett (Becca's mom) Missing Children Minnesota Becca was on the board for a time. MedlinePlus provides searchable authoritative medical information, sponsored by National Institutes of Health and is endorsed by Becca Health sciences Online A virtual learning center / portal for comprehensive health professional education and training (under construction). Fracture calculation site Tool for finding eligiblity for free or low cost health coverage Homewood Studios Gallery (and Studios of 5 artists in my neighborhood) 2400 Plymouth Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55411 612-587-0230 Hours:Tue 5-9 pm Wed & Fri 1-6 pm Sat 1-4 pm Minnesota Quilters furthers the preservation of quilting. Most months there is an educational meeting on the first Thursday evening at the Texile Center on University Av repeated the following Saturday morning Lincoln Peace Garden that Becca maintains near our house. Haiti Quilt Feb 20, 2010 Quilt for Haiti Fundraiser Log cabin quilt based on _A Quilt in One Day_ book that Anne gave me. The book was more than 10 years old but still useful hand techniques. It took me more that one day -- about 5 days. This is a multiline description experiment, use link to picture above and then "back" / "forward" to switch between them. Firefox: Alt left arrow and Alt right arrow F